Satisfied Customers


Frontier Communications Corp. - Rochester, NY

"Through their targeted training approach, GEMKO has provided a way to introduce some of the most important advancements of the AS/400 and RPG to our staff. The instructors understand what they teach, provide real-world experiences, and present the material in a manner that generates enthusiasm. We plan to continue to use GEMKO for our RPG and AS/400 training needs."

- Bill Eshenour / IS Manager


Trico Products - Buffalo, NY

"We are in the process of upgrading our Manufacturing / Business systems (ERP), which has various modifications in many places. GEMKO's 21st Century RPG Training Series taught us how to externalize those modifications. We will apply our newly acquired knowledge (Procedures, ILE programming, SQL, Triggers, API's) to use the many new RPG functions of free form coding when performing this upgrade. We anticipate that by using this education it will make the next upgrade less cumbersome. All our programmers felt that the classes were very worth while and left with various tips and techniques that they could use right away."

- Perry Coffman / IT Manager


Niagara Cutter - Buffalo, NY

"The RPG classes my programmer and I attended gave us the confidence to go back to our shop and start using the techniques right away. It is not something you can do by reading an RPG manual or a magazine article. I would recommend everyone wishing to get a jump start on the ILE programming language to attend each of GEMKO's workshops."

- Jerry Covert / MIS Director


Additional Comments and Quotes

" Excellent course! Well taught, well organized and presented."

"Chris Burns is a wonderful instructor. Patient, knowledgable, interested in finding out why things work versus don't."

"Chris Burns is a great instructor. He really explained the topics extremely well."